Having trouble sorting out this whole ‘Podcasting’ business? Here’re some tips to help you get the audio files you want to listen to.
iTunes Subscription:
1. Click on the link “Subscribe to XML feed” under the heading “PODCASTING” on the homepage.
2. Click on “Subscribe to iTunes” under the heading “Actions” in the lower right corner.
3. This will subscribe you via iTunes and allow for automatic download of the most current Podcasts.
Download Files Directly to Your Hard Drive:
1. Try holding the Control key and clicking on the link to the audio file at the bottom of the regular post. This should give you several download options.
Listening Online:
1. This is easy; just click on the link at the bottom of the regular post and it should automatically start to play.
Note: Only files on the front page are accessible via XML feed. To download audio from the archives, follow the instructions for downloading to your hard drive. Archives are accessible via the “Categories” on the homepage.