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Bhuchung Tsering


Thanks for doing this. Here is a link to the Diane Rehm show that focused on Tibet yesterday. Some of us were on the panel. I thought you may want to add to the collection, so to say.

Bhuchung Tsering
Washingont, D.C.

Chris Kelley

Here're a couple new links from reliable sources:

Update from Tibet on events March 6-20

From BoingBoing

"We continue to hear eyewitness reports of house to house searches and arbitrary arrests in Lhasa and growing numbers of killings in Amdo, Kham, and other areas."

Julia Kirchner

Those of you interested in following the scores of Tibetans being killed, beaten and imprisoned every day in China right now may want to read translations of actual text messages being set by Tibetans from these areas:

Nikki Leger

Sue Shapiro

I thought you might be interested in Gelek Rinpoche's statement:


There is a database of news events about the situation in Tibet at:

Maxine Welsgrau

Christal Smith is the producer of a Tibet NPR radio program. I'm sure she would be happy for you to distribute the message below.

Christal Smith is Senior Producer of The Tibet Connection, radio connection to Tibet.
Refer to for their broadcast schedule, archive and news updates, and for live stream.

Chris Kelley

Two new pieces from today's NYT.

"Bush Silent, but Others Speak Out on Tibet"

And this Op-Ed by Patrick French

"He May Be a God, but He’s No Politician"

Nanci Rose-Ritter

Hi Christopher,
Many folks appreciate your weblog regarding the Tibetan situation. Please include the attached article from The Washington Post.

Thank you.
Nanci Rose-Ritter
Co-author, Living Tibet: The Dalai Lama in Dharamsala (Snow Lion Publications; 1995)


Compare special coverage:


Times of India

China Tibet Information Center

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